arlene specter was on howard stern earlier this month

and while its interesting that he wants to now be a democrat, many of his views are republican.

the hill put together some snippets from the senators visit to howard from his sirius studios:

Specter: “I was in Nepal en route and pot was legal in Nepal. I was sitting around the campfire [with] all the Peace Corps volunteers and they were smoking marijuana. And here was chance to smoke marijuana legally and I turned it down – because I don’t want to submit my body to a temptation I might not be able to control.”

Specter: “[T]he act of marriage I would reserve for a man and a woman.”

Stern: “Do you think the Bush presidency was a good presidency overall or do you think that he will go down in history as a bad president?”
Specter: “I think it is too soon to tell. Remember that when Truman left the White House, he was considered a colossal failure. Now, he’s considered one of the great presidents.”
Stern: “Now that Bush is out of office, should he be tried for war crimes? Do you think that President Bush knew that there were no weapons of mass destruction [in Iraq]. Now, I happen to believe he knew that there were no weapons. I think it was pushed on the Senate, it was pushed on the Congress, on the American people. We were lied to.”
Specter: “I do not believe that our leaders — the president the vice president – deliberately and maliciously led us down the wrong path.”

Robin Quivers (co-host): “Hey, what is going on with the Republican Party? Is Rush [Limbaugh] the leader of the Republican Party or is it that other guy?”

Stern: “Why are you not the leader of the party?”

Specter: “I don’t think you can really identify with precision a leader. If you had to pick somebody, I think you’d pick Sen. [John} McCain [Ariz.]. He was the presidential candidate last time and until we have another one, I think that John’s the titular head of the party.”

it will be interesting to see if he changes his views on same sex marriage.