five… five… five dolla… five dolla foot looooooongs

no, nutritionist, that is not my bacon lettuce and bacon subway

but i wish it were.

if i didnt have to worry about my belly becoming three times the size of france i would have asked for a little more bacon on the side.

instead i got what i always get, which is a meal i wish they’d call The Busblog.

why? because it’s a footlong on 7 grain wheat bread, with two chicken breasts, avacado, lettuce, and a nice squirt of Chipotle sauce.

but the best part is the price:

$5 (after the discount) plus $1.20 for the avacado

after tax: $6.66

and its good for you!

this has been the craziest month

and it keeps getting crazy.

this is a picture i took when our national reporters were all gathered here in LA for one of their annual meetings. in this meeting a few of us from the web staff sat at the mouth of the horseshoe of reporters and answered questions they had for us about blogging, twitter, facebook, etc.

it was like one of those federal interrogations minus the waterboarding, and far more delicious muffins. (nothing in here about muffins is true, nutritionist.)

they grilled me with some really good questions about the value of blogging today and how we as an organization will make money from all of these newfangled thingamabobs and whenever i got nervous or a little sweaty under the collar, i just focused on that incredible view of city hall and retreated to my special happy place in my head and became instantly relaxed.

yesterday was so crazy anna kournikova herself texted me to tell me she was thinking of me. and when i texted back awwwww she texted back jk with a smiley face.