and another thing for all these people who are quitting their blogs

thats just what the terrorists want.

i realize some of you have boyfriends or xboyfriends who have gotten into yr heads and thats the real reason why yr not blogging any more.

all i have to say to that is, thank god Emily Dickinson didnt care what her boyfriend or xboyfriend thought.

thank god Sylvia Plath and Courtney Love and Dooce never cared what people thought. they just wrote.

can you imagine if Raymi the Minx was all “omg i have xbfs, i have to now stop writing about my life, i have to stop being creative, i have to close this window to my world – because of someone i love/hate.”

men cause enough problems on this planet, please, ladies, dont let them effect the narrative of your development.

know that any devil voice in your head that is telling you to stop, is the same devil voice that whispers in the ears of anyone with an interesting tale to tell.

make it anonymous, make a new url, make something new. do something that will protect your identity, and for god sake if you are cutting off the rest of the world because of some d-bag – give me that dudes name and information and i will solve the problem posthaste.

i swear to Eddie that this is true.