the answer is no

have i told you that i love the tv show terminator: the sarah connor chronicles

i do.

have i told you that when i was a kid the dodgers were my second favorite team

have i told you that thats not the case any more.

have i told you that manny is starting to change that

even though some of the dodger fans are continuing to ruin it all

have i told you that yesterday on opening day someone stabbed someone in the parking lot

have i told you that someone was supposedly weilding a gun in another part of the parking lot of dodger stadium on opening day

except that person, it turned out, was merely breaking into cars, and didnt have a gun

have i told you that it costs $15 to park in that lot

have i told you what a punk is? a punk is someone who pitches for the milwaukee brewers.

mr reed johnson of the chicago cubs was playing center field the other day and it was near the end of the game and big fat prince fielder had the bases loaded and he hit the ball super far it could be, it might be, and reed johnson jumped up almost over the wall and caught it – stopping a grand slam.

and it was such a great catch that even mr prince fielder stopped and tipped his cap to mr reed johnson. like a gentleman.

and because baseball is magical, guess who came up in the next inning for the cubs? mr reed johnson.

who promptly got hit in the back by a pitch by the milwaukee brewer pitcher.

who is not a gentleman. he is a punk.

how do i know this?

because it takes one to know one.