australia quoted me in regards to the grates

from a piece called “The Grates win hearts in US”, ABC news in aussieland wrote about their local band’s trip out to america, an excerpt:

The Grates are three-time SXSW veterans, and their live show, which features ribbon-twirling and colourful costumes, ensures they stand out among the crowd.

Their 2006 debut album, Gravity Won’t Get You Down, was released in the US, but last year’s sophomore album, Teeth Lost, Hearts Won, is yet to secure a US deal.

After their past disappointments, the band returned to the US with no expectations, and has been thrilled with the response.

The LA Times declared: “The Grates no doubt will soon be laughing their way to the bank, for if the world embraced the Ting Tings last year, Patience & Co are sure to be everyone’s new darlings any day now”.

“It’s been super encouraging actually, because we worked so hard with the first album that we put out over here, and that didn’t really work out with our record label, so that was a little bit of a kick in the guts,” Hodgson said.

patience told me that she broke guitarist john patterson’s iphone, so i didnt expect to see their disneyland pics so soon. in their tumblr blog they have pics from their trip out here. including a visit to Poquito Mas, and the video above of Burn Bridges, which was their last tune at the spaceland show on monday. amateur video directors out there take note of the vid – when in doubt ignore the zoom feature.