billy bob has a bad time in canada.

but the winner is lisa cohen

my man scott sterling sent me this stunning video and accompanying article which taps in to the difficulty many reporters have with actors who venture in to music.

often when i tell people how much i love Juliette Lewis’ music, i get scoffed at. “oh shes acting like a blues singer now, i hear.” they say. or “oh is she still pretending to be Iggy Pop? Method rocking?”

so i can appreciate the frustration someone like Billy Bob might have when he is questioned about something that is a part of him. no one likes being pigeonholed.

but meanwhile theres no one better to unleash on than a guy in front of a microphone – especially when youre such a badass that angelina jolie still has your name tattooed on her bod.

update: on second thought, billy bob was being a prick and i would have thrown him right outta there. props to the interviewer for keeping it together and squeezing what little juice was in that sourpuss and making something somewhat worthy, however kicking him out for being a baby would have been viral too.