cubs 3 astros 1

top of the eighth, geoff geary comes in to relieve oswalt. fukudome is up. hes like a cross between matsui and ichiro plus some bad luck. pops to lee in shallow left. fukudome should fly to new orleans real quick after the game and get the curse off his bat. dee lee hits a 310 foot foul ball. next pitch is way outside, 1-2. derek k’s swinging at a high fastball. im gonna trade for him too. bros gonna hit .325 this year. dare me! milton bradley loves to swing, strike one. swings hard but gets jammed, bloop single? no, kaz grabs it. milton twists his ankle at first NOOOOO!

bottom of the eighth. milton bradley is ok. exhale, chicago. hes in left. marmol is in to set up gregg. damn hes got heat. kaz leads off. marmol looks like tiger woods but younger. kaz grounds to short. pudge takes ball one at his head. 1-2, marmol brings teh heat yo. i want two cokes now. and some ice cream, its opening day! i havent sat down the whole game. im typing on my laptop which is on the bed. grounder to the riot, two down. i wonder if the cubs would hire me to live blog. probably hell no is the correct answer. ooooh, what about live tweet? i called it. lance berkman is at 2-1. hes so very sleepy. 2-2. full count. they dont have a gun working so i will guestimate that one was 125 mph. fouled into the stands. that ball is now officially retired. good for it. ball four. retire that one too. me and karisa had steak the other night. when did she get pretty all of a sudden? carlos lee is up. hes fat. pinstripes dont become him. marmol is wild, its 2-0 on the all star. takes the first strike. nice change up evens it at 2-2. whiffle ball pitch. broke his bat – high foul to left field stands, aramis has a bead on it, the bat is flying to his side, it doesnt make it, foul out.

top of the ninth. score still 3-1. opposing teams only get one run off us. its precident now. its texas law now. aramis’s grounder eats up tejada, he picks it up and throws out the chug a lug ramirez. fontenot is tone tnof if youre harry caray. gregg is warming in the bullpen and spitting seeds. seeds of hate. he bloops one infront of carlos lee. bad communication between lee and tejada. dont they both parlez espanol? this lets the rookie of the year soto take a shot. wild pitch sends the second baseman fontenot to second base. check foul makes it 1-2. called k on the outside corner. ump has a date, apparently. the riot says work for it blue and takes it to 3-1. high ball four. michah hoffpaur pinch hits for marmol. bob tells us he had a good spring. he also tells us that cecil wasnt warming a lefty so the cubs have the advantage. good cuz on 1-0 but swings through it. michah slams it to right, pence gets it off one bounce, throws it to pudge at home, pudge is up the third base line, fontenot slides perfectly around him and touches home with his hand. cubs 4 houston 1. soriano flies to right.

cubs 4 tejadas 1

bottom of the ninth, kevin gregg comes in to close. hes got goofy glasses on. tejada gets his third hit of the day up the middle. blum is up. bob is saying gregg cant see so soto doesnt use fingers to call the pitch he touches parts of his bod. fly ball to bradley in the gap he touches it but cant hang on to it. runners on first and third. bradley may have over run it. pence is up, gregg throws some junk pitch for the first strike. is that a knuckler? did it again, 0-2. more junk, fouled. high fly to center, joey gathwait in for fukudome is under it. bro tags, run scores, only the bookie cares. bourne with one out and runner on first. drives it deep to center. ha! two outs. everybody get up! jason smith pinch hitting. looks like a meaner david justice. grounder to lee CUBS WIN!