cubs astros third inning


cubs 2 – strohs 0

top of the third – fukudome strikes out. he batted .208 here last year. d lee gets it way up in the air, lee goes all the way to the wall. long out. milton walks. aramis sends my stolen base fantasy sleeper michael bourne to the warning track. cubs got wood but no runs. our seasons over.

bottom of third. len got an email from a unofficial cub historian. that was the fourth lead off homer to start a season for the cubs. the first was in 1888 when i was born. remember in 1994 when tuffy rhodes started the season with one? hit three that day, bob tells us. borne, michael bourne hits a single over short. he has an 86% stolen base percentage. dave clark is coaching third. another black coach. nice. perfect bunt by oswalt on 2-0. i woulda let him try to steal on that one. kaz is up. he looks like a latin ichiro. len was just saying how fukudome who is new to center was playing too deep, kaz bloops it to center, bourne to third, kaz to first. look out for the double steal. pudge rodriguez up. only guy who coulda gotten away with that nickname. strikes out. berkman grounds it to second. cubs rule

top of the fourth – fontenot hits an opposite field double. two for two for the day with geo soto up, who is also batting a thousand. who can stop us? we’re lucky to have len and bob. theyre not harry and lou but who is. but theyre fine. good sometimes. geo grounds to first moves mike over. the riot hit 307 last year. i’ll take that this year too from my #8 batter. hits one hard to right. hunter pence doesnt have a chance at home cubs score. zam grounds out.

cubs 3 – astros zip.

bottom of the fourth. carlos lee up. i hear he snores. pops up to d lee who is a refined gentleman. miguel the liar is up. zams pitch count is 50. hes on pace to take us to the ninth. rascal flatts vince gill and hootie will be in concert at wrigley in the summer. oh the humanity. miguel whiffs. zam for cy young. pence is tall. carlos curves one in at the ankel, check swing. pops to alfonso, one two three.