johnny rotten once asked us,

“ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”

he posed that question in san francisco during the final show of the notorious sex pistols U.S. tour. the last concert that he ever performed with sid vicious.

some could argue that anyone who paid money for that show got ripped off because sid was wasted and the sound was horrible and it wasnt what it was supposed to be. but anyone who was there can say that they saw history, plus who the hell goes to sex pistols show for the incredible musical dynamics?

you go see sid and johnny for the spectacle.

and as great as PiL was, it wasnt the sex pistols.

and as nice it was to see the reformed pistols on jay leno last year with ron paul, it wasnt the sex pistols.

although it’s rock history rock tragedy rock destiny rock legend rock mythology that sid died at 22 from a heroin overdose from junk his mother bought him to celebrate the fact that he had just been released from rikers island jail for 55 days for beating up patti smith’s brother, every “sex pistols” show after that was a cheat.

how many mick jagger solo records do you still listen to? how many keith richards solo records to do you listen to?

some things are meant to be paired together, and some things are dirty lies. and no matter how polite or gentlemanly people are supposed to be about it, all it does is make us lessor witnesses vomit up a chorus of bs.

i am such a flawed individual.

theres a reason why losers beat me constantly, repeatedly, endlessly.