live blogging the cubs opener while watching it on tivo

top of the first inning, soriano homers on the second pitch of the game. cubs are going all the way. bob brenly just said soriano is on pace to hit 500 homers this year. milton bradley looks good batting cleanup. what a lineup soriano, d. lee. fukudome, bradley, aramis, and d lee in there somewhere. youve come a long way, baby. bradley fouls one off at 3-0. like that.

cubs 1 – stros 0

bottom of the first. zambrano. id rather watch carlos zambrano pitch than all of the mlb pitchers combined. hes like a little kid in a big kids body. milton doubles up kaz on a great catch. kaz is sorta a stoner anyways. ends the inning.

top of the second. aramis leads off with a dinger. Enron Field baby. now mike fontenot gets a hit. whos on the mound, you momma? no its roy oswalt. throws 300 mph. no outs men on first and second, the riot slams one at berkman at first. diving catch moves the runners over. your boy zam is up. bro is the best hitting pitcher in baseball. hits it up the middle on a pulled in infield, kaz looks fontenot at third, he stops dead. kaz throws to first and zam shakes his head at fontenot. soriano broken bat ground out. oh well.

cubs 2- astros 0

bottom of second. miguel tejada lies about his age, creams a single past aramis. i dont see any bunting at enron field. not at least behind home plate. the economy? tejada thrown out trying to steal off a throw in the dirt. soto, the rookie of the year throws his old ass out. cubs baby. blum flies out to left. theres an ad on the left center wall that says busblog. no it says preminum beef cattle genetics. genetics? i was with you till then. cecil cooper manages the astros. nice to see black managers. d lee scoops out a crazy low throw.