not sure i could have had a weirder weekend

which is good. and a reason why you shouldnt kill yrself.

because you never know whats gonna happen each day. you never know how good a rock band is gonna be. you never know how bad a lunch is gonna be. you never know how good a movie is gonna be. you never know how good a bad dinner is gonna be.

and you never know who’s gonna wake up next to you in hollywood.

i know i come across as mr. knowitall a lot on here. and some things i do know a few things about. but most of the time im just floating around space like you are, totally clueless, and reacting (and sometimes over reacting) just like you are.

theres only one person who knows it all, and thats raymi. the rest of us pretty much have to go with the flow and try to make good decisions.

my problem seems to be how can i keep being honest but not be rude, how can i keep it real while keeping my friends, how can i present an open and honest blog while honoring the privacy of those who dont have open and honest blogs for a reason.

so even though i had many tasty foods and some pretty interesting adventures, all we get this early afternoon is a photo of the drive through i was in when general pitt of toronto called me to tell me that the blue jays were skull-effing the white sox. and image that i didnt really want in my head before i ordered a #11 no tomatoes, diet coke, but thats what he put in there and then he hung up.

of all the things i dont know, i do know this about canada. if i lived anywhere it would be the gta.