some of you may have noticed that the busblog was not updated yesterday

you should have called the police.

there arent many weekdays when this blog isnt updated, so when you dont see new crap you should assume the worst.

first thing i did was call my server/host folks at MediaTemple. very nice people, but the first guy didnt even know that existed and the second guy didnt fix the problem.

so i tried to contact Blogger, and as much as i heart them – i might be their #1 fan – their new way of “support” is a madhouse. there is no way to contact a human. you have to leave your problem on a message board with everyone else in the world. no offence, but youre Google, youre the biggest, coolest, richest company around. have that message board be your problem, not ours. Open Source is no way to provide customer service. hire some kids, have them fix your problems, and watch them rise to the top.

i was seriously considering moving to WordPress. blasphemy, i know, but what options did i have?

so i tweeted something mean about Blogger and in minutes Eric Case, formerly the product manager and head of customer support for Blogger said he could help. even though he doesnt work there any more. Eric, in case you dont know, is an angel sent down to Earth to save us all. you’ll see.

problem was, i was so distraught that i couldnt busblog that my body went into complete shutdown mode. i went to bed at 8:15pm, turned on the Cubs at 8:16pm and was out like a light at 8:17pm. i woke up at 3am to take a leak and fell back asleep until 6:30am. i wrote eric and his pals a few times and they said bro its MediaTemple. turned out MT changed my password while trying to help me, i plugged the new password into Blogger a few minutes ago and here we are.

the bus is back on the road.

thus the picture of me in my favorite hoodie next to the place where i barf.