today is sarah’s birthday

shes 24.

born to a latina mamacita and a persian poppa, sarah is the perfect blend of both cultures.

shes funny and crude and sexy and sassy. shes an ‘sc grad so shes smart and shes an LAist alumn so she knows how to rock it.

when sarah first came to Metromix i used to have lunch with her so she would feel welcome at the times building and it has turned into a regular thing.

since then i really thought others would join us more and sometimes ali comes with but most the time its just sarah and i and its very nice. during lunch i try to find out which of her super hot friends shes gonna hook me up with and she tries to find out which one of my xbi superhero former marine buds will tear down her door and sweep her away.

i first met sarah when she was working for a pr firm that would pitch crazy things to me when i was at LAist. they wanted us to write about their stuff and her pitches were so good that i was all, if you really wrote those things, could you write about things that you actually like? and sarah ended up writing super personal very funny things for us at LAist and im glad that has turned into great success for her at Metromix and now Brand X.

happy birthday hot stuff, cant wait to party with you this weekend at our favorite bar with all your single ladies.