today is turning out to be a horrible day

first marilyn chambers, now mark “the bird” fidrych has bitten the big one

although i doubt they’ll do it – because today is opening day for a lot of clubs, including the Cubs who one hit the Rockies – ESPN should really do an extended Obit on The Bird, because he brought a lot of love to baseball.

this was a guy who would talk to the ball, and wave at the outfielders after a great catch, and of course smooth out the mound with his hand – obsessively.

i was lucky enough to see him play once and he got shelled and he whipped his glove into the 7th row of the seats behind the Tigers’ dugout.

like you should.

i hope whoever got that glove isnt auctioning it off today on ebay.

because my paypal account is pretty low.

like me.