tony, much respect…

But “The Return of Jackie and Judy” shouldn’t be on that list. Weakest song on that LP if you ask me. – Merle

I’d wager Mr. Tom Waits would disagree.

“The Return Of Jackie And Judy”
(written by the Ramones for “End of the Century”)
Tom Waits
“We’re a Happy Family, a Tribute to the Ramones” & “Orphans”

Jackie is a punk, Judy is a runt
They went down to the Mudd Club
And they both got drunk

Jackie is a bookie, Judy’s taking loans
They both came up to New York
Just to see the Ramones

And oh, I don’t know why she wrote that letter
Oh no, oh no
Oh I don’t know why
We won’t forget her, oh no

Jackie’s playing hooky
Judy’s playing pool
They both got caught for cutting
Got to go to summer school

Jackie’s scalping tickets
Judy’s getting harassed
They both got kicked outside
Didn’t have a backstage pass

And oh, I don’t why she wrote that letter
Oh no, oh no
And oh, I don’t know why,
Dont’t know what’s on her mind
I don’t know, no, I don’t know

But I can’t stand to see her cryin’
She’s still cryin’, she ain’t tryin’
She’s going to get left behind
Nobody wants you, nobody wants you