when i was a teenager, new to california

i took this awareness course that was supposed to change yr life.

after night two of this five day deal, the instructor told us to go home and pamper ourselves. he said that because we had worked out some extremely emotional deep seeded issues over the last two days we should go soak in a tub or eat a pie or something really special because the next three days would be even more intense.

but as i drove home i thought to myself, screw baths and pie. if this course was really working and really worth the time and money, i could go into the hottest club in LA, ask the hottest chick on the dancefloor to dance, and she would dance with me.

so i marched into 321 (which is now a hooters) in santa monica and i wasnt dressed kroq new wave chic but those were just the demons in my head, i had been taught, that stop me from what i want. so i saw this super hot punk rock girl dancing all sexy and the voices got louder telling me she has a boyfriend, or a girlfriend, and i wasnt 21 yet so what could i offer her?

but i was there to dance, i told myself and as i elbowed my way through the packed club depeche mode’s “just cant get enough” came on which made me nervous for some reason even though i loved that tune.

and i got to her and i said wanna dance and she yelled WHAT

apparently i wasnt speaking up, so i spoke up and she smiled and we danced

i was so shocked and happy that after the song was over i ran outta the club and into my car and back home – without getting her phone number!

but best of all, the next morning i told my tale to the class and during the break probably 3-4 hot babes came up to me and said, i have no idea why youd be nervous about ever approaching a girl. which made things even better.

depeche mode plays tonight on hollywood blvd for free near vine and some of it is being shot for the jimmy kimmel show so if you cant make it there, tune in and dance along.