when people are all, yeah thats cool on an iphone but my blackberry can do that too

im like, youre kidding right?

because if it can, it looks like a 1980s version – or a rough draft version

right now howard stern is trying to figure out what his new phone will be, but hes not even considering an iphone because it doesnt have a Real key board, and even though thats the #1 reason people dont buy iphones, its also the #1 most ridiculous reason because anyone with an iphone can tell you that you really dont do ALL THAT MUCH typing on your phone, and when you do, you totally get used to iphones virtual keyboard, and unless youre filling out some wacky form, the spell checker figures out what you shootin for the majority of the time.

and then theres the endless amounts of apps that just keep streaming through…

not to mention the complete ease of getting music from itunes, and texting is a breeze, and everything looks pretty when you look at it, etc.

today was a good day because of lots of reasons, but then it was over, just like that.