when love comes to town: yesterday an In-N-Out truck pulled up next door to our office

everyone was abuzz in the office. even the vegans were all omg FRIES!

the truck pulled up next door to the soon-to-be new LAPD HQ, so all the construction workers were first in line

right across from the LAPD is City Hall and those peeps saw the commotion so they got in line:

even though all they were serving were burgers and sodas (no fries, sorry vegans) people were all, who cares? IN N OUT!

when the cashier said, this truck is here for charity people were all WHO CARES ITS IN N OUT – CHARGE ME DOUBLE! which they did.

because even standing in 100 degree heat, most people swear that this is the best burger in town, and worth the price, the heat, the everything and i gotta say that even though im a Fatburger guy, In n Out fresh and hot from the truck was mighty sweet