my mom reminded me that karisa is one of my longest california friends

who wasnt a girlfriend and who didnt go to school with me

which is true. which is hard to believe. especially because we have gone through a lot together. yes including some pretty intense fights.

for that im very grateful of/for/to her.

i am not always the easiest person to befriend. sure its all rainbows and lollipops when you read the blog, but what if you find yourself In the world famous busblog? or what if you are a fairly private person who doesnt even like photos of yourself in public places and your bff is a blogger? is everything strawberry shortcakes and whippets then?

i also like to put photos of people up that they dont like. for example, karisa doesnt like the one above. too bad. that was the day i got stung by a bee at her pool when she lived in hollywood down the road from marilyn manson in a little section of LA called the hollywood dell.

im sure out of the deal ive gotten way more from our friendship than she has gotten. she has taught me about health and exercise, sushi and ice luges. she turned me on to one of my favorite books: white oleander. and she coached me as i dated teens, azn hotties, and fans of this url.

id say that shes probably one of the three people in my life who know me the best, but whats weird is id guess she probably only knows about 40%, which is far more a reflection on me and my trust issues than her. she rarely judges. unless youre trying to climb a gigantic mountain and you’re about to have a heart attack.

i dont know too many speed readers who can drink the way she can. i dont know too many babes who look as good in heels as she does who can also remodel your spare room. and i dont know anyone who was a Missed Connection, let alone one who can give you a word-for-word freestyle from Eazy-E’s first solo cd.

karisa j is definitely one of a kind. and easily worth two birthday tributes since she’s put up with twice as much from me and this blog as she has deserved over the years.

please come back to america and party with us on the west coast soon!

happy 24th birthday karisa!

one reason i was sorta freaked out that the busblog wasnt working this weekend was cuz i knew it was karisas birthday today and i wanted to trot out a bunch of pictures that she didnt like AND HOW CAN YOU DO THAT WITHOUT A BLAAAAWWWWGGG?

karisa was born to elves nearly a quarter century ago who lived in trees and made shortbread cookies. morning after morning she would whip up chocolate so she could pour it over the dough. one reason karisa doesnt like chocolate any more is cuz it reminds her of those early childhood mornings in the trees.

after a while it became obvious that she was not an elf but a little girl so her elfin parents sold her to an elf circus for they thought she was either a freak or a giant. because karisa wouldnt speak to the ringmaster, he tattooed her with five stars on her arm, one for each letter in her name. when he was done she took the tattoo needle, stuck it in his eye, and ran away.

she got herself a magical belt that said Evil on it and any time anyone gave her a hard time she’d take off the belt and literally whip her oppressor into shape. it also held up her pants.

at some point the xbi learned of karisas skills and “recruited” her into the dark circle of vigilante superheroes and she said no until they offered her a flying black mustang from the future and an opportunity to be regularly featured in the busblog and she said, fine.

please join me in celebrating the birthday of one of the most influential people in my life, someone who encouraged me to follow my dreams and do the right things. happy birthday karisa j!