fil is just getting better and better

and the comments here are just getting worser and worser.

you know there used to be a time here at the olde buttblog where the author wouldn’t tap out a new post until there was at least 1 or 2 comments in the previous post.

i may have to reinstate that glorious past.

in other news i saw a video game review i wrote in this week’s Brand X which is in news boxes everywhere here in Los Angeles.

the video game was X Men – Wolverine which many people are calling the most violent video game ever because all you do is run around decapitating and maiming people and shoving them into helicopter blades and shoving your wolverine claws into their throats and pulling out their organs, etc.

i gave it a meh.

i didnt expect to see it in Brand X so quickly, but alexandra is not only one hot babe, but shes a very speedy editor, so im grateful.

and believe it or not, but that was the first time that ive been in print as a writer here at the Times since many moons ago when i wrote a piece on the Opinions section about Survivor splitting their tribes up based on race (yes it was that long ago).

do i like print? sure, its fine. do i wanna write for the LAT, proper? sure, but i really like writing for Brand X in part because if Bukowski was 20-30something he would not only be reading it instead of the LAT, but he’d be doing anything to write in it. and as you know, Buk is my hero.

photo of raymi by fil

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