saw star trek with a blue eyed girl from hawaii

loved it.

arclight was packed, grove was packed. but for some reason the manns in glendale was not even close to being packed event though its right a cross the street from the Americana and it has stadium seats and its nice. plenty of seats for the 6:30 show.

and buck parking.

i just got this email alert from The Envelope telling me that the movie had taken in $76 million over the weekend.

i thought, why does that number sound familiar, and i remembered that Trek director JJ Abrams was on Howard Stern the other day and thought that not only would the movie not knock Wolverine out of the #1 spot but that it would probably only make $50 mil. howard totally disagreed and said it would make $79 million.

When asked by Howard how much J.J. would be happy with for Star Trek’s opening weekend take, he threw out the number of $50 million. Howard who admitted is a huge Star Trek fan will be seeing an advance screening of the Trek remake later today and be giving his opinion of it during tomorrow’s show which airs on Sirius radio. Howard also made a box office prediction of his own for Star Trek saying it would knock Wolverine out of the #1 spot and bring in $79 million. It should be noted that Howard also said that he thought Wolverine was a great movie, but had confidence that Star Trek would be the winner for this weekend.

maybe howard has a future in seeing into the future.