remember cameron’s house from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?

the one with the glass garage for the ferrarri?

according to the Daily Herald it’s on the market for the low low price of $2.3 million

from their story called “Want to kill your dad’s Ferrari? ‘Ferris Bueller’ house up for sale” come the details:

The architecturally stunning, art-filled, 5,300-square-foot house went on the market last week for $2.3 million. Its most famous feature is its steel and glass “pavilion” that hangs over the ravine.

In the movie, an angry Cameron Frye sends his father’s rare Ferrari through its glass walls and into the woods.

“There’s been a lot of interest in it already,” says Sudler Sotheby’s International Realtor Meladee Hughes (no relation to movie director John Hughes). “It’s spectacular inside. It’s like living in a tree house.”

from the comments of the herald, the people think that for $2.3 million it should include a ferrari. i guess thats a lot of money in IL for a home without a hottub – or second foor.

the fbi this week was asked about marijuana

specifically has anyone ever died from it.

while it takes you about two minutes to get to his response, what do you think it is? how many people do you think the united states fbi director says have lost their lives to marijuana?

then do you suspect he might talk about how marijuana is a gateway drug? and if he did, and he was rebutted, what do you think his body language might be?

sometimes we defend things because we’re used to defending it. we think that its part of our job to defend it even if we know that what we’re defending isnt all that.

the only thing that people should blindly defend is

true love.

something light and hairy

and something a little scary

one of our best fashion writers, adam tschorn, is up in alaska reporting on the national beard and mustache competition and has filed some very funny pieces and shot this video.

meanwhile over at true/slant, your boy matt welch asks “What if a U.S. Senator Had Lost His Marbles, But People Were Too Shy to Come Right Out and Say it?”. the sad story of baseball’s jim bunning who turned into a GOP senator and has seemingly lost control of his fastball, so to speak.