anyone see eminem on jimmy kimmel last night?

pretty girl knocked on my door last night right as i was putting my avocado mask on. i noticed my iphone had three text messages on it. the last one said “i’m coming ovr 2 c u” which is cute if youre 19 but our girl was decidedly not 19.

no matter who it is, any time i hear a knock at the door late when im not expecting it freaks me out. first thought is “cops?” then its “cops after me?” then its “crooks?” rarely is it “crazy busblog fan?” it’s never a good sound. its never “hi pizza guy, and i couldnt find the right address, so heres a free pie.”

anyways at some point she started crying. maybe it was my mask. i kept looking over her shoulder because em didnt look like em. he looked a lot younger. like way younger. like whatever “drugs” hes been on over the last years, i hate to say it, but it should be bottled because he looks thin and healthy and young and his face is so clear. its truly amazing.

he looks really angry for some reason. as she accepted kleenex i thought, do women come to eminems house unannounced and get away with what this chica was trying to get away with? “lets go have a few drinks at hollywood and highland – its still early.”

midnight is early?

one thing i like about no longer being editor of LAist is people no longer assume that i know every little thing about this fair city. or at least the emails saying “yo im coming into town, and i wondered if you have 5-6 spots that i shouldnt miss while im here?” which is nice but the places i go to are different than what people who have never been here would go to.

likewise at midnight thirty locals rarely have drinks at hollywood and highland on a school night. girl cant you see my hairs up in rollers!

thus the tears. the water works, the sniffling, the but just one drinks!

never have i wanted a girlfriend as a means as an excuse before.

i think i need to move to a gated community. wanna know why? because i thought i was tivoing jimmy, but after Anonymous came by to take the young lady away i noticed that i had indeed not tivoed the show and i missed the interview.

as i rewound the dvr it did allow me to see the mike tyson interview, and bro definately needs the eminem diet.