the busblog goes to the american idol finale

believe it or not but id never been to the nokia before. i hadnt even been to LA Live before

and its a little sad that it was american idol that got me there first.

but i quickly got over it.

believe it or not but it wasnt all that crowded at the “plaza”, probably because most people probably thought it would be swamped there.

but nope, pretty much just the people who had tickets.

because of that, the contestants and stars didnt need any artificial buffers

indeed, just the opposite.

hi heather locklear – who politely signed a few autographs for the fans

hi bo bice

hi big tall dude from tv.

hi reuben studdard

the girls screamed loudest for daughtry

and seriously everyone was generous with the autographs. very sweet.

lots of signs too.

you didnt even need a ticket to get to the red carpet.

or much talent.

they didnt let you have cameras or phones of any kind in the show, so this is the only image i have (taken afterwards) of where adam got robbed, but got to sing with santana queen and kiss.

in summary, it was very surreal and fun to go, but i didnt buy a tshirt.