1. Tuesday, May 5, 2009

    hey its cinco de mayo 

    wheres your balloon of love? and independence?

    interesting tales told via the LA Times and blogs:

    – sex workers in mexico say si to condoms but oh-hell-no to swine flu masks. – La Plaza

    – the real Mexican burrito – Brand X

    – yao didnt look so healthy at the end of the game last night, but kobe aint 100% either

    – gustavo of “Ask a Mexican” gets interrogated regarding Cinco de Mayo – The Guide

    – dude who invented text messaging explains why it’s limited to 160 characters – Tech Blog

    – the two most powerful men have a power lunch… in HELL – Top of the Ticket

    – garbage in, garbage out: cops dont like computer program that determines parolees risk – LA Now

    – Mia Farrow is on a hunger strike, via YouTube, for the people of Darfur – Tech blog

    – there was a benefit for Peter Case this weekend to help pay his heart surgery. get well pete! – Pop n Hiss

    – Dom DeLuise lived to 75 years old despite being obese for most of his life. my nutritionist has a lot of ‘splaining to do – Obits

    – Mrs. Judd Apatow, aka Leslie Mann, used to puke, doesn;t any more – Brand X

    – saddest story / photo gallery you will see all day: hatfields and mccoys have nothing on this family rivalry in Turkey as 44 are killed at an engagement ceremony in Bilge – World