1. Friday, May 8, 2009

    just got off the phone with joe, who still lives in Isla Vista 

    “tony, theyve evacuated 25,000 from santa barbara. thats a quarter of the city. i have my s[tuff] packed because the wind changed and it’s heading here. its going to jump the freeway tonight. they’re probably going to evacuate us at 4-5am.

    “they have tents on campus for people who have evacuated.

    “the power is out in goleta. all i can see is the fire.

    “you goin to see The Dead at the Forum, tone?”

    he just called back (1:19am)

    “when i cant see storke tower, im leaving

    “i cant leave here because im drunk. but they want you to leave.

    “you have to come here in 3 hours with a camera crew. cuz its about to jump the 101 and its gonna burn everything.

    “ktyd isnt playing music any more.

    “it burned the county bowl.

    “it missed the mission.

    “i can see the flames from here. i can see the helicopters.

    “you gotta be here. god damn it you gotta be here. cuz you have access.

    “the power is out downtown.”

    from the KTMS Twitter feed:

    31 minutes ago from web

    listen to KTYD live now here

    update: via my truest:

    View Jesusita Fire – Santa Barbara in a larger map