leah and taylor are now parents!

as many of you may have known, Leah has been one of my favorite bloggers ever since she was 15(!), which should be weird enough, but this weekend she delivered Harper Lennon and of course she blogged about it even minutes after it happened.

heres an excerpt of what she wrote this morning:

At 10 PM on Thursday night, a nurse came in to check to see if I’d made any progress. As she walked in, she said that I would either go naturally and deliver the next day or be induced Friday morning. I was upset because I wanted to be induced then but was hoping for some change when she checked. As she uncomfortably investigated what was going on down under, I heard a weird sound- felt a weird feeling- and officially freaked out. The nurse had accidentally broken my water, something that she was trying not to do, and everything changed immediately.

The contractions that I’d been feeling, while not fun, quickly picked up in intensity and time. The nurse said that everything was about to start happening quickly, no induction was neccessary, and basically- let the games begin!

a hearty and warm congratulations to Leah, Taylor, Quiet Company and all of Austin from those of us here on the west coast!

photo by Taylor