remember how yesterday i was telling you how weird my life is?

last night i was offered a ticket to the american idol finale which is taking place here in downtown LA.

even though i pretend that im above idol, and that im cooler than the madding crowd who would text IDOL to 5701 (standard rates apply), i am neither above anything or cool.

i texted last night. i watch almost every week.

and now im excited that even though i successfully handed my ticket to someone else that a second ticket ended up on my person and now im being ordered to go to the Staples / Nokia center called LA Live to see special guests sing for me and america for the finale.

im being told that no cameras are allowed. or cell phones. so im not sure i can document for you what i am seeing.

but my pics are hardly any good anyways, as karisa often tells me, so maybe its all for the best.

but if the super dooper surprise musical special guest shows up and they are who i think they are, then it will be worth the effort of leaving work a tad early to witness it in person.

either way you should turn on yr tv cuz what im hearing, its gonna be pretty rad