rock stars want to be movie stars

movie stars wanna be singers, but poetry major bloggers wanna be scientists

seems like im always interested in experimenting with things and investigating things and poking things and trying to blow stuff up to see what it smells like.

likewise i am fascinated by things that have no absolutes, no rhyme, no reason, no science at all attached to them. art, music, poetry, and definitely love.

my truest came to town this weekend to go see star trek with me and it was amazing, then we went to see monsters vs aliens yesterday afternoon and it was so not amazing, but the most interesting part was the way i feel when im around her.

i know theres no chance, no hope, no possibility between us any more. i am on her short list of no way – no how in the relationship game. but for some reason my heart couldnt care less. its a lot like pepe le pew. i know shes a lovely cat and im a dirty smelly skunk but my heart only sees rainbows and unicorns and waffles.

and melting butter

and long glorious slowmotion pours of maple syrup from an endless mini-pitcher of sweetness.

wait, where was i?

right, love.

something about this girl makes me get all crazy in side. not crazy enough to do the dishes or clean the house, but crazy enough to want to write a book about the odd phenomenon that she inspires in my heart and gut and large intestine.

yes a book about love.

i said please move to LA and let me examine this nuttiness, let me explore the depths of the one thing that makes this world truly spin at a cockeyed angle, let me discover what no man or woman has been able to answer definitively: the meaning the purpose the rational of the most dangerous and most powerful four letter word around.

and then let me write a big fat book about it that inevitably will get turned into a major motion picture starring that dude from crash and hustle and flow as me, and drew barrymore as you.

and she didnt say yes, america,

but she didnt say no either.