1. Monday, May 18, 2009

    to celebrate pitts birthday saturday 

    karisa and i went to the geisha house

    because we know that ashton is pitts favorite. above is karisa texting pitt saying yo yo how u livin, g?

    earlier in the day i sped up to isla vistuh because i heard that floatopia might happen, but for some reason the kids didnt wanna party at the beach now that the santa barbara supes had outlawed drinking beer on the beach. can you imagine that such an activity has been allowed for the last 100 years but as soon as a few thousand young adults want to do it the few dozen old adults want to throw a wet blanket on it? jeals much?

    anyways whats the geisha house like? not bad. decent sushi, pretty girls in party dresses. a few bachelorette parties, a porn star, some starlets. im glad i went, wont be heartbroken if i never go back. afterwards k* went off to a girls night out of dancing, which i was also glad not to have to go through.

    yesterday my truest stopped by and we did some shopping in santee alley, ate some fish tacos at The Best Fish Tacos in Ensenada, which is conveniently located on Hillhurst in Los Feliz. i bought a new cubs hat in the alley as well as some offensive tshirts.

    we saw a truck with some athletic socks hanging from the side. 7 x $10 a sign said. who doesnt want 7 pairs of socks for such a great deal? but then i saw that it said they were made in Pakistan. i know we’re not at war with the Pakistanis, i told my bff, but arent they hiding Osama? so we passed.

    saw some nice illegal turtles birds and bunnies being sold though.