how to get more McNuggets for your McMoney

as you know i eat mcdonalds all the time. i eat it less now that my nutritionist can track my every move via my iPhone. but i will have cheerleaders make McRuns for me – usually in the middle of the night.

one thing i have noticed is how much more fast food is costing than in the past.

i remember a day when a $2.99 value meal was commonplace. now its rare. and usually only includes a small pop.

today on Digg, i saw a story that gives those of us who enjoy mcnuggets a way to beat the system!

Depending on where you live, your [four] nuggets cost a buck if you get them on the Dollar Menu. That’s a quarter each. Get 10, and you pay around $4, or 40¢ each. Spring for the whole 20-piece banquet, and the price is more than $7, or 35¢ per bird chunk.

If you really want 20 nuggets (and I must remind you that chickens do not actually produce nuggets in nature), just buy five orders off the Dollar Menu and you can save two bucks. Two bucks! Most of us assume that the larger portion options and set meals are available because they offer economy of scale. Clearly, that’s a Kroc.

read the whole deal here, but make sure you run a few miles after you have digested your McGreasy

phil spector is bald!?

and adam lambert is gay?!?!

my whole world is currently shattered. and im hungry. and im thirsty.

and im totally swamped with work. and my truest is driving up here as we speak.

and the cubs are about to win it all.

and people have been very nice to me lately which makes me happy. but it also makes me wonder if they have been holding back.

we can all die tomorrow people – no holding back!