say it aint sosa!

for a long time sammy was one of my favorite players. so i will resign myself to not believing this hit piece leaked by anonymous sources on a test that was supposed to only be a survey. but still:

The New York Times is reporting that Sosa was among the group of 104 big-leaguers who tested positive in 2003, when the union agreed to supposedly anonymous, “survey testing” to determine if use was widespread enough to trigger a random testing policy. These were the same tests that Alex Rodriguez infamously tested positive for, according to his admission after a report from Sports Illustrated.

The New York Times cited unnamed lawyers with knowledge of the 2003 results as the source of its Tuesday report.

While Sosa has long been suspected of using steroids to fuel his historic binge of home runs in 1998-2002, he has avoided having his name linked to performance enhancing drugs, either directly in the Mitchell Report or through circumstantial evidence or government investigations. Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, Rafael Palmeiro, Jason Giambi and Rodriguez are among the sluggers who wish they could say the same thin

the lesson here is always be careful when pissing into a cup.

Update: of course i was assigned the duty of posting about this on the Fab Forum blog

today is emmanuelle’s birthday

shes vingt-quatre.

only thing that has really sucked with matt moving to the east coast is not having emmanuelle to show us what we should be wearing and how we should be acting

shes so fashion forward and so sweet that shes hard to beat. but we try!

many moons ago matt and emmanuelle got married in the home of milky white cows called joncey, france.

me and chris were together back then and we took an airplane from frisco to amerstam, spent the night there, then took a train to paris and spent the night there, then took a train to a town and got picked up by dougie gyro, i think, and he took us to the joncy.

first beers were drank, then we all went to the the town courthouse. they knew emmanuelle’s dad since he was the mayor, after all. then we all marched through the streets to the church, then we all marched through the streets to another place with drinks.

then we went to the mayor’s house to party.

the story, as i remember it, is that emmanuelle’s family were the leaders of this central france small town for years and years. then in the late 30s or early 40s they were voted out. then hitler marched through france and came to joncey and said, “where are your leaders?” and they pointed to the people who were the leaders and hitler took them to a barn and hung them.

once WWII was over the french voted emmanuelle’s family back into office and not only has joncey never been happier, but some might say the world has never been better. coincidence?

now matt and emmanuelle are in our nations capital and this country has never been healthier wealthier or wiser. un outre coincidence?

furthermore is the business of the coincidence that they now have a nearly 1 year old child that looks ALOT LIKE THEM!

happy anniversarrie emmanuelle. and many many more.