you know whats funny about a family values governor cheating on his wife

who gave him four sons?


not a thing.

ok maybe one or two things.

or close to twenty.

i saw so many funny Tweets about the disgraced governor that i put a few together for the Top of the Ticket blog.

a few samples:

Bagyants: “Sanford turned down one stimulus, accepted another. Flip flopper!

TeresaKopec: So instead of walking the trail, he was chasing some tail.”

alanpdx: “The reason the #gop is so upset with #sanford is that he outsourced his hookers to a South American country.”

i still see many more and although id love to do a sequel, im pretty busy thinking about what salad to eat for lunch.

you know what i like? rock concerts

you know what else i like? being able to hear the singer sing at rock concerts.

you know what i didnt hear last night at the Dinosaur Jr. show? J Mascis’ beautiful singing.

being that this is the second show in two years at the Troubadour where the vocals were clearly missing from the dinosaur mix, it would lead me to believe that either the band doesnt want the crowd to hear the singing – or that the sound engineer was overwhelmed with the literal wall of sound produced by a trio of Marshall amps placed behind the gray haired rock god.

funny thing happened on the way to thinking that the band didnt want J’s vocals to be heard: the two songs sung by the bassist Lou Barlow

couldnt hear him neither.

fortunately beers were cheap and karisa somehow is looking hotter and hotter with each passing day, both factors im sure inspired the crowd to get over the fact that the show had turned into a rock band karaoke night and the last four songs of the set included some spirited moshing and crowd surfing.

let it be known that i will gladly get the new dinosaur record that came out yesterday but i probably will pass if they ever play the troubadour again.