1. Tuesday, June 9, 2009

    for the record steve o is totally straight edge now 

    when he walked up the aisle last night at the movies and sat down next to me

    i wanted to say something as a little ice breaker. anything other than omg steve-o!

    so i said, hope you brought the ganj, bro cuz im all out

    and he said ahahah im 15 months sober

    i was all, so you were telling Howard Stern the truth?

    steve said, yep, infact see this tattoo? it used to be a pot leaf

    and he showed me the underside of his wrist that had a tattoo of a palm tree.

    after the film everyone went to the swanky roosevelt where lilo and paris hang

    and steve o and his gf went home. sober. hand in hand. very sweet