met chokey chicken last night

nice guy who swears he can get me some beastie seats at the bowl.

once upon a time this blog used to be something. it used to break boundaries and get spread around the globe. it used to shake the foundations and rattle the comfortable.

there was a time when kids used to copy what i was doing and try it themselves.

there was a moment when i could do lots of things and people would notice, watch, and participate.

once i dated this beautiful cuban girl with amazing eyes and an unreal work ethic. shed also never been kissed. as time passed i eventually kissed her by saying look over there, is that a UFO? she was balled up and shivvering on the corner of my couch – tanned slick hot legs all curled up and i said that ufo is here to watch my badass moves im fixin to bust.

and then i commenced to busting.

one day that girl said tony i think you should shave off all yr hair. i was all, nah. she was like and not only that but i wanna shave it all off. i said lemme kiss you again and afterwards she shaved off my beautiful afro.

at that point i said you know i really shouldnt just throw my afro into the garbage because some fool might buy this hair if i put it on ebay.

chokey chicken was that fool.

he and his buddy outbid dozens of others and i sent my fro and several other things to the boys and everyone lived happily ever. right?

upon meeting mr chicken and his delightful gf (although he doesnt list her as his gf on facebook so maybe i have a chance) he reminded me that he had bought my hair and during some point his father mistook it for stuff you stuff cardboard boxes with and threw it out.

my beautiful hair! in a west virginian landfill!! shorn by a sultry cubana!

there was a time when the busblog would end posts with time-honored lessons so that all would learn from my ridiculous experiences.

so the moral of this story is: always set a high reserve.