wait – they dont love you like i love you

im eating chocolate, drinking water, procrastinating on my third post of the day for work, and thinking about you, loyal busblog readers.

i just did a post about this panorama above and i linked to this page that has three more scenes.

its tremendous what happens with the right tools are put in the right hands.

the lovely ali miller was nice enough to show me what i was missing at the E3 deal that im sure youre sick of by now. and one of the things she told me was that besides Final Fantasy 23847 the best thing to get excited about was the new batman game. so when i saw that one of our guys, Jason Neubert had busted with the badass panorama i wondered if i could put it on here.

so if you can see it up there, be thrilled and amazed.

meanwhile tell me that Daisy Fuentes wasnt flirting with me in this video interview