its pretty hard not to jump on the Manny bandwagon after last night

in case you didnt hear, or incase youre not a baseball fan, heres what happened

it was a tie game, it was Manny Ramirez bobblehead night but Manny couldn’t start because he had been hit by a pitch the night before. he’s only played a few games after being suspended for most of the season for taking stuff thats against baseballs rules. something to do with female hormones.

but like i said it was a tie game, with the bases loaded in the 6th inning so Joe Torre figured he might not get another chance to break the game wide open with one swing, so he called on Manny who, on the first pitch, blasted a grand salami into the left field seats otherwise known as Mannywood.

Vin Scully said it was the loudest Dodger Stadium has been in 20 years and said that it was the greatest moment since Kurt Gibson hit one out in the world series.

needless to say the Times has amazing coverage even including a little bit of something from yrs trly.