lovely jessica from elgin asks, “why did you only get one wisdom tooth removed? where are the other three?”

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long ago, when you were probably still in high school, my dentist saw that i had 2 impacted wisdom teeth. but because i worked at an extremely low-paying job he suggested that they only take one troubling tooth out.

in actuality there was only one that was giving me pain, so he removed that one. i believe the year was 2002 of our Lord.

because i had a huge audience back then, i named the tooth Wizzy, and like any blogging pioneer, i put the effer up on eBay.

at first no one bid. but as i brought more attention to the one-of-a-kind nature of the deal, i eventually was able to sell it.

to the horror of my cuban girlfriend who seemed to only be more and more disgusted by my online behavior.

as for the other two teeth, they are still in my head, where they belong, and they are currently helping me chew a banana.

thank you Jessica for sharing and caring, and may we take another question on Open Forum…