my man scott sterling was telling me how good Phoenix was on Sunday at the Wiltern

and he really went off saying how great it was that after the show was over the sound guy blasted two michael jackson tunes and everyone started dancing and didnt stop.

today Lindsay over at LAist posted some video on her review of the show

It is, I’d wager, impossible to dispute that this was a phenomenal show. In perusing message boards and chatting with others in attendance Sunday night, the consensus is that this show has set for many a new bar when it comes to live gigs in venues on par with the Wiltern, and many will enthuse that this was the best they’d ever seen Phoenix. I would concur, and yet, am of dual mind on the matter, because I sorely missed songs like “Victim of the Crime,” and “Everything is Everything,” which could have blended well into the mix of songs on the evening’s set list. It was an incredible show, and it will be interesting to see how the band takes to the stage come September at the Greek, in a recently announced return visit to Los Angeles.

When the lights flooded the inside of the Wiltern and the band was long gone off stage the energy in the room was palpable, and translated into something wholly emblematic of the time in which this show occurred: an impromptu dance party to Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You,” and “The Way You Make Me Feel,” thanks to the savvy of the person in charge of the venue’s sound system.

looks like i might have to catch that greek show, despite the fact that So Many great shows are happening in september.