my truest is driving up to LA today

we might go to neverland this weekend. we might go to vegas this weekend. we might just hang out in LA this weekend.

we’re undecided because the weather is so good here and even though theres so much happening elsewhere, theres also some good things happening here.

me, i wanna go to vegas. she however is a huge michael jackson fan and she wants to pay respects either at the encino compound or up near santa barbara.

yesterday was canada day and how did i celebrate it? i ate ice cream and pretended it was poutine.

then i cross checked my mail man.

today i got a really great email that lead to a press release all about our man Ken Layne and the fact that he got a book deal with Harper Studio. heres part of the interview press release mashup buddy:

4) Tell me about David Geffen and his coastline.

I should not speak for David Geffen, because he has a clone army of lawyers, but published reports suggest that he would prefer California’s magnificent public oceanfront, which is supposed to be available to one and all, to be his coastline. For decades, Geffen fought access along a narrow corridor alongside his Malibu house — even though he accepted that corridor as part of a deal to expand the seaside mansion back in 1983.

In 2005, Geffen finally lost and the gates were unlocked. He’s not unique for wanting privacy at his beachfront house. His wealthy neighbors – including my old boss, former L.A. mayor Richard Riordan — just want to keep the unwashed hordes and TMZ paparazzi off their beach.

Unfortunately for them, it’s not their beach at all. The socialist republic of California is not like Martha’s Vineyard or Jamaica, where the best beaches are private. We have coastal access laws here, and the entire shore is public property, up to the high tide mark at minimum.

Anyway, as my path runs from Mexico to Oregon, roadside access through a wall of Malibu mansions isn’t an issue. But it’s a regular conflict here because the rich and powerful and famous love to make their homes by the ocean, and the other 37 million Californians are mostly packed against that same beloved coast.

HarperStudio will publish Layne’s book in 2010.

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im hoping the book will be called “HarperStudio signs Ken Layne to write book about California” but that would maybe confuse some people. but not the cool people!