the official news today is that the UCLA Undie Run is canceled forever

according to LAist the UCLA administration told “student leaders” that they were no longer allowed to strip down to their skivvies and run around their campus three times a year during finals.

pardon me, when did college students ever need permission to act a fool?

when did college students start ASKING permission to run around their own campuses?

did the school ask the students if it was ok to raise their tuition every year that they were in school?

i faintly remember a California law that said that because parents spend 10-15 years saving up for their children’s college educations, that the government wouldnt be allowed to raise fees or tuition more than a few percentages each year so that families could properly plan. did the schools ask the parents permission to blow off that law?

the problem seems to be that some non-students are going to UCLA to run around in their underwear. and also that a few kids are getting into fights and fewer still are getting hurt.

so? no really: so.

kids get hurt doing all sorts of things: driving, riding bikes, participating in NCAA sporting events where the students get zero money and the schools make millions. and yet the schools dont stop those things from happening.

for some reason.

my hope is the UCLA Bruins will take a little ownership of their college experience and do their thing in safe, fun, happy ways. if that includes running in boxers and briefs, then so be it.

the university has done its job by “officially” turning their backs on the unofficial tradition. let’s hope the kids do the right thing by maintaining the tradition – which is one of the more harmless things this blogger has seen on any campus.