what i did on my summer vacation

friday i got a wisdom tooth pulled and my boss made me take the rest of the day off. turned out saturday was 7/11 which meant free Slurpees at every 7/11 so i because i could only eat soft and squooshy foods i went to every 7/11 i could and ate/drank to my vicodin-infused hearts desire.

then i saw Rancid and Rise Against with my truest at the Fabulous Forum

because i couldnt eat any solid foods and because the V was making me upchuck i hopped on the scale on sunday morning and saw that i was lighter than ive been in years

so i took my love to a mexican breakfast in echo park and a mariachi serenaded us. he wasnt very good and he didnt have change for a $10 so he sang a couple of songs for us and tried to speak spanish to us but i barely know english so i pretended that he was offering me his guitar so he left us in peace.

later we saw The Hurt Locker and it was goooooooooooooooooood.