one of my all time favorite bloggers, andy malcolm

of the top of the ticket blog is on vacation this week so i promised to chip in while he is away

today i chose to comment on the creepy Joker posters that allegedly are all over LA.

i say allegedly because ive only seen them “in the media” and not on the streets of my beloved city.

anyways i gave the artist a hat tip for thinking it up and for getting everyone to look, but then i had to put on my critic hat and examine whether or not painting obama to look like one of the smartest, and charismatic villains was really such a bright move.

check it out here on the Top of the Ticket, one of the three Technorati Top 100 blogs LA Times

karisa invited me to go to the fantasy factory

taylor swift at whole foodson friday and it was sponsored by Monster energy and it was the x games post party

so i said fine.

then i thought better for it all.

she told me she had two single gfs who loved the books i had written. turned out karisa has them laying around her home. not the girls, the books.

but the problem was they were both asian. now i like asian girls as much as the next guy, maybe more. but the last two girls i was serious about (or leaning on being serious) were both korean. which is asian. and both of those deals went horribly wrong.

i am still probably a little scarred.

and scurred.

so i didnt go. instead i hung around the rooftop hot tub of my bud and stared off into the deepest darkest night.

just then a little voice whispered in my beer. or ear. or bear.

“your man bruce springsteen is playing in your old home town on your mamas birthday.”

sweet home chicago?

“yes! and you should go.”

but my momma doesnt love bruuuuuuce

“yes but that minnesota girl does. and best of all, she now lives an hour away from chicago.”

the little voice was not only all-knowing, but super chatty. wth!

still i was undecided.

“bruce is playing Born to Run in its entirety on that night. take the poor girl. and lose some weight.”

and after an email, i had a date.