i get paid tomorrow

it will be the first check that i put a good chunk of in the bank. im saving up for a nice camera.

but like a really nice camera.

because i get to go to some wildly sweet places with some wildly sweet people. and i should do better for you, busblog readers.

if in the end it turns into better photos for my glorious employer, then great. in fact it probably will. but i want this picture on the left to be the worst picture i take in 2010.

because secretly i love photos and photography so much.

why has there not been any olde school photo galleries like in olden times? i’ll tell you why, because something happened after i dropped my canon s45 – i have yet to really love a camera.

i got an s50 after that, but it was so blah. none of the magic of the 45.

then i got like the g5 and that was blah too. the rebel was better but not magical.

not long ago i got the g7 and i was so disappointed in that that i sold it to a friend almost right away and got the leica that i have now.

and you saw my sunset junction pics. nothing. horrible.

i think it knows my displeasure because it was so much better yesterday at wolfmother than its been in a while, but it might be because the lighting was better in there because they were filming it.

as much as id like the mark II i think im going to get a nikon for a grand and then spend another grand on lenses. so if i save up every pay check for a few months i should have something better for all of you by christmas.

if im ever to be remembered for anything i would hope that it would be for amazing pictures. no lie.

today i had lamb on a stick. they have these farmers markets on thursdays on the lawn of city hall. and i was all, this is so weird. like how much meat could there really be in a lamb.

later in the day someone from the ucsb alumni association asked me if i would write a letter to the governor because of all the cuts in education thats going on.

i dont think the letter was for me me because they called me Anthony. so i think it was for everyone in the college.

and i was all, this is so weird. cuz if they dont even know me, then what makes them think that the governor will give a crap.

but if i did write the governor, id say dear governor of california.

everything that ive learned, everything that ive done, and every super tight relationship that ive had is either directly or slightly tangentially indirectly because of the college of creative studies at ucsb, or the daily nexus.

if youre going to screw over anyone, screw over berkeley.

go gauchos.