1. Sunday, August 23, 2009

    Jasmine Fiore death photo released by a gossip site 

    alecia: (i’m stealing this from a book but that’s okay…i still want to know the answer.) if you had to give a 30 minute speech to a room filled with all of the women you have had sex with in your life, what would you discuss?

    i would apologize to most of them, plead forgiveness to some of them, happily reunite with a few of them, and suddenly remember one or two of them.

    smallislandgirl: Which is your favourite Bob Marley song? Mine is ‘wait in vain….’

    most people dont know how much bob marley loved motown. i didnt know till i read the liner notes of the marley box set “songs of freedom”. this is his second single ever and its so ska motownish and unlike pretty much everything we think of when we think of the rasta masta. but i like it because its happy.

    jon: What smell reminds you of your childhood?

    when i was a kid my mom smoked. now that i realize what my sister and i put her though, i dont blamer for smoking. but at some point she quit.

    before she quit id smell a mixture of perfume and cigarettes in my moms hair when she would hug me and for whatever reason i never smelled that again because, as i said, my mom quit when i got to high school.

    for some reason i have dated a lot of, lets say, younger women, and most of them didnt smoke. but the other day i was with someone whose age didnt rhyme with teen and i hugged this person goodbye and her hair smelled like 3rd grade being hugged goodbye as i ran off to the school bus.

    why did my mom quit smoking? perhaps it was due to my sister and i terrorizing her cartons of cigarettes conveniently located under her bed. id put pin needles in them or unwrap others and stuff the tobacco in my sisters barbies clothes. sometimes id call her up at work and say “this is one of your cigarettes im being flushed down the tooooooooooooilet” and then flush the toilet and hang up.

    Gage: Roller Skates or Roller Blades? White bread or brown? Best song for slow dancing? Worst?

    i dont remember who it was, perhaps karisa, who made me roller blade once and i didnt like it. the company was nice but the skating was awkward and unnatural. i roller skated much of junior high and some of high school. maybe because our roller rink was dark, filled with girls and video games, and dee jayed by a talented stoner who knew how to run the machinery. boys instantly learned how to skate backwards so as to be able to hold a girls hips during couples only. roller blades are for the uncultured and droll.

    jeff whalen, lead singer of tsar was once my roommate. neither of us were ever the most healthy of specimens. but one thing he taught me was that if you ate wheat bread instead of white that youd at least have ONE thing going for you nutrition-wise. and if youre going to go for it then go for it so i now eat 7 grain wheat. although someone was telling me about 9 or maybe 11 grain, so i’ll go for that next time.

    the best slow songs are the ones that just leave you alone. these two italian girls set up this party in high school for the sole reason of slow dancing with a few of us boys. but becuase they were girls and didnt tell us that that was the deal the only “good” record they had was Genesis’ “Abacab”. so we endured slowdancing to “man on the corner” about 11 times until some kid ran across the street and came back with Styx Cornerstone which had “Babe”. the kids today with their ipods and hard drives will never experience such dramas.

    the worst song to slow dance to is Stairway because when it rocks out near the end what are you supposed to do: dance or keep slowdancing or change records? its too confusing. decisions have to be made. thats too much pressure for what is supposed to be background to more important matters at hand.

    Will Campbell: It’s that time of year again — no not Ramadan, but that too — when a quaint little festival takes place on Sunset Boulevard at the junction of Santa Monica and Sunset boulevards in the quaint village of Silver Lake. I know you are an enthusiastic supporter of this event, whereas I, being a grumpy old man have elected this past several years to attend it vicariously through your always awesome photo essays. So the question is. Are you going? And if so what aspects in particular keep bringing you back (i.e. scantily clad ladies; beer, specific band perfs)?

    Yes I am going. I am going today (sunday) around 4:30. i like to go because i really love to see who i pretend are my neighbors. summer street fairs are living in the city in the summer is all about. there was a time when sunset junction had a gay side of sunset and a hispter side and in the middle theyd dance at that Jamaican ice cream truck. i like the cheesy carnival rides and the mostly decent bands, and i like how the freaks come out at night.

    the only thing that frisco has over LA is more and better street fairs.

    so we should embrace the ones we have.

    i also like the tshirts

    Chris: Who, in your opinion, embodies cool? Coolness: innate or learned?

    in most peoples minds images like miles davis or some sultry model equates cool. but for the most part theyre saying detachment and mystery. to me thats not an amazing attribute. anyone can keep things close to the vest and shut up.

    what i think is cool is to own exactly who it is that you are. i appreciate manny for being manny. i love princesses who really are princesses. likewise i also admire people who own their nerdiness or their largess. we only go around this board game once, so people who allow their freak flag fly to fly free is what i consider cool. not the withholding of rock.

    Mike: If you could interview anyone in history for the Times, who would it be?

    john the baptist. he was probably the closet thing to a peer of Jesus’s as anyone. his mom and Mary were cousins. in fact when he was in utero his mom ran into Mary who told her she was pregnant and john the baptist, it is said, jumped in his moms belly for joy. later when John was in jail about to get his head cut off Jesus said that John was the greatest man on earth. “Verily I say unto you, Among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist”.

    jesus probably said that because most of the time that he was on Earth no one really believed in Him but john the baptist seemed to have always known. however its fascinating that in his last days he sent a note to Jesus asking him if he was really the Messiah, so id like to ask him if he “lost faith” because it seemed like most of his like John totally was the first Christian.

    timmay!!!!!: why does my prednisone cost more with health insurance than without?????

    because all drugs are practically free in socialist frisco.

    g/d: Do you dig no logo or logos from head to toe?

    aren’t we all branded?

    yes. we are all branded as is.
    judgements are thrust on us before we even get in focus.
    therefore i just dont worry about it and hype what i like via tshirts and most importantly, in the things i buy.

    zona: St Louis signed John Smoltz. Are they on GLUE?

    as a cub fan im always delighted when the cards make foolish moves.

    Ali: Are you a chocolate person?

    theres nothing that is made better with chocolate.

    guest: has tiffany yee (above, right) resumed blogging yet? i miss her style.

    tiffany could have easily been americas most beloved blogger. but, alas, life sucked her in and distracted her. i also think getting a boyfriend ruined things too. seems to do that to the kids. so sad. but yes she has quite a style and i too miss it.

    Phil: We just bought a house. What should we buy first to make it ours?

    nothing says home than an old fridge in the garage filled with an embarrassingly large amount of bottled beer and frozen meats.

    Andrea: If its not too late… your favorite way to celebrate the end of summer? (well, celebrate is probably the wrong word, but you know what I mean).

    i moved to LA as soon as i could so that i would never have to say goodbye to summer. its not something id ever want to live without.