so yes, after the pressure packed morning

of hosting a social media panel discussion in front of our OC advertisers, i got a quick lunch in Inglewood and headed to Hollywood to cover the return of Wolfmother.

if theres one thing that disappoints me about Generation Y (and Gen Z if thats an actual generation) is that they seem to not wanna rock. i mean ROCK!

almost every decade since the 50s had some legitimate rock Gods: Hendrix, Zeppelin, Sabbath, AC/DC, Van Halen. Even in the 80s and 90s you had Tom Morello and Kurt Cobain and J Mascis and Sonic Youth.

but when you think about todays sounds and todays bands and groups that started in either the late 90s or 00s there are plenty of DJs and producers and rappers and “groups” but no one who really brings the in-your-face-but-soulful ROCK.

Wolfmother is one of the sole exceptions.

i think i have a theory for why this is. i think its the video game industry. and of course girls.

back in the day, before XBox and Game Cube, and the really super great video games, when boys got bored they picked up instruments. after they mastered the guitar they realized that girls wanted to be around them.

but once video games showed up, when boys got bored they played video games and got fat. AND STILL SOMEHOW theyd get laid.

so theres no impetus for kids today to learn to shred on guitar.

thus they DONT.

they wear purple and pink they wear skinny jeans, they wear Kanye glasses, they dont work for it in any way and still they get their reward.

im blaming you, females.

so yes when I got to see Wolfmother, the only hope for the Aughts, i was thrilled because i had only previously seen them in a very hot tent at Coachella.

only problem with last night: way too short of a set, and bro never picked up his Flying V.

even the last hope seems to be happy with the middle of the road rock. still good, but not blazing. still rocking but not as inspired. and definitely derivative.

im still waiting for this generation’s Van Halen.

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