we’ve popped champagne a few times at work

and its always a great sound

but yesterday when the bubbly was rolled out, for some reason the good stuff tasted even better than before because this redesign was a full court press effort by sooooo many people.

and not only did it involve so many elements, but most of it was technical (which is always the hardest for me, a poetry major), and some of it was super new, and some of it involved what can only be described as magic.

we still have a few more kinks to work out on the redesigned site and the redesigned blogs, but the heaviest lifting is now done.

when i was a youngster everyone wanted to learn french so they could run to canada if there was ever another war. then everyone wanted to learn japanese when it looked like they were gonna take over all of business.

when i moved to LA i wanted to learn spanish so i could be a great baseball manager (and so i could better hit on the chicas).

but now i recommend that people learn programming languages because since everything is so tech-based, they are the ones who can make the future a reality today.