why twitter matters

one thing that makes me giddy about the future are the books that will be written by veteran journalists who were lucky enough to go from typewriters to computers to the web.

look at this insane collection of tweets by LA Times sports columnist Bill Plaschke.

regardless of whether you love or hate his columns, look at him tell the story of the climatic ending of tonights dodger game.

twitter makes you get to the point. twitter brings out the poet in you.

and unlike blogging, twitter makes you think about every. single. word.

pro journalists are the best writers in town. which has always bewildered me as to why so many of them have been so late to blogging and tweeting.

they should roam those enviorns like Godzillas stomping through Tokyos.

today i was busy doing something so important ive forgotten what it was and i had something lame on tv, definately not the dodgers.

but for some reason i stumbled across Plaschkes twitter page.

and for some other reason i kept refreshing it.

and just like some poor sap stuck working the night shift, i followed the game through his tweets, and it was so nice.