eight years ago there was a small subset of bloggers

who utilized web cams

it wasnt a live streaming cam show like it eventually became,

most of these people would just snap a still image from their web cam and have that update on the blog.

usually it was a little box, like the picture above.

i had done photo essays using some of their cam stills in the past when talking about halloween or when one of the cam girls was signing off forever, so i knew to just go on the web and let the pictures tell the story.

one of the little stories that this photo essay captures was that sometime on the day of 9/11 there became this buzz that everyone needs to donate blood. why that? weren’t all the people dead? i dont remember what the hoopla was about, but it was there.

the busblog started a month before 9/11. its fascinating and unbelievable to think about what has happened in my life since that day – all the joy and pain and huge successes.

which is why its equally mindblowing that a city like new york hasn’t totally rebuilt ground zero by now, and its totally disappointing that a country like the usa hasnt been able to get osama by now.

the reward for getting osama is $27 million. but maybe it should be something else. somethng like how the Make a Wish foundation works. clearly $27 million isnt enough, so maybe offer something priceless: like a weekend as a guest at the playboy mansion, followed by a trip into space on the space shuttle.

if valentines day is about thinking about love all day, and if Christmas is about thinking about holy stuff all day, maybe 9/11 should be about figuring out ways to catch osama bin laden.

theres nothing worse than unfinished business.

h/t netzoo