like reddit and the busblog,

sometimes the comments on Digg are the best part, but youtubes were great on this video

the hard hitting reporter turned anchor katie couric asked the Fox TV ratings prince via the proxy of “the twitter question” from a young lady in florida “what did you mean by ‘white culture’ (when you said that president obama was racist)”?

strangely the tv talk guy became tongue tied.

the video shot to the top of Digg yesterday and the comments were biting on youtubes:

– two douchebag insects are placed into an air-tight jar and shaken vigorously. a fight ensues; but for the winner, victory is futile: there is no air in the jar.

– I love how Beck tries calling Katie out for laying a trap, but immediately drops it realizing how pathetic that dead end, as if a simple question, by definition, is a trap. Katie’s aplomb is priceless. Beck’s bumbling the same.

– “Americans should ask tough questions.” Haha, yeah, and then they should dodge them with red herrings.

– I like to watch him squirm. It makes him look like a frog in hot water.

– lol katie is talking to him like he’s a kindergartner, trying to appease him so he could attempt to answer the question

– I just said, to an empty dark room… “you’re an —hole.”

– Beck is having his Palin Moment.

– He’s stunningly bipolar.

– Wow, it’s like watching a real life Michael Scott from The Office… or is he more Andy Bernard? Either way, Glenn Beck belongs at Dunder Mifflin.

wonkettes were pretty funny too